Monday, 10 January 2011


Welcome to the Miss Mourning blog site.

Mourning jewellery and customs are subjects I find simply fascinating and over the coming weeks and months I hope to share my insights with you…

I cannot tell you when my obsession with mourning jewellery first began, it seem to be something instilled within me, I can however, offer a reason; the idea that somebody loved another so intensely, that even after death, they choose to commemorate that person with an adornment  with the intention to keep that person close, is a sentiment I hold dear, which ignites my passion for all things mourning.

Mourning jewels and the associated ephemera is steeped in symbolism, each piece recounts a tale of love and loss, welcoming the viewer in to a vivid world so personal and meaningful. These lovingly made pieces survive to this day, an ever lasting testament to these peoples lives.

I cannot claim to be an expert, as one is always learning, all I can offer is a promise to bring you a heartfelt and informative journey through the world of mourning jewellery.

I appreciate any feedback or comments you may wish to give, if you enjoy what you learn here please consider following my twitter account @Miss_Mourning

MM x


  1. Yay I finally figured out how to put a comment on!!
    Well this is certainly a subject I know little about but that I can see will be very emotive. I look forward to reading more x

  2. Hannah - beautifully written and really heartfelt. Your blog will, I hope, be a real success. Well done. I shall follow. What an achievement !!


  3. I hope I can work out how to follow your blog on twitter ! Maybe, this is the way ? x